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 Water Resistance

Even if the watch is water resistant, do not operate the button or crown under the water or in watery environment.

Even if the watch is water resistant, avoid to wear watches in bathroom or place which will use detergent. Because these situation will weaken the watch's water resistant function.

After wearing watch in seawater, please rinse away all the salt and dirty on the watch with water.

when replacing batteries, well-trained technicians know how to check the water resistant properties of watches. Special tools are needed for battery replacement. The battery replacement operation must be entrusted to your dealer.

some water resistant watches' straps are fashionable leather straps. Please avoid swimming, bathing or any other activities that will make the leather strap touch water directly.

When suddenly cooling, the inner surface of the watch glass may be fogging. If the fog dissipates quickly, it means no problem. If the fog is not dispersed, there may be water went into the watch, please send the watch to repair immediately.



Keeping the strap too tight may make you sweat and make it difficult for the air to circulate under the strap. This may cause skin irritation. So don't make the strap too tight.

 The space between the strap and wrist should able to insert one finger.

The deterioration, rust or corrosion of the strap will cause it to break and cause the watch to drop and lose. The watchband must be maintained well and kept clean. If you find that the strap has any cracks, discoloration, relaxation or other problems, please contact your dealer immediately for inspection, repair or replacement of the watchband. Please note that any repair or replacement of the watchband is paid service.



Never put watches on the dashboard, heaters, or any other places where it may cause high temperature. Also don't put your watch in a very low temperature place.

The extreme temperature will cause the watch time error, stop to work or have other faults.



This watch is designed to withstand the impact of non strenuous exercises in daily life like basketball, tennis, etc..

But make watch drop or make it suffer a strong impact may cause it be broken.


Magnetic force

Analog and dual display watches are driven by magnetic motors. When the watch is near a device that emits a strong magnetic field (speakers, magnetic necklaces, mobile phones, etc.), the timing may be slowed, accelerated or stopped by the magnetic force, causing inaccurate indication times.

Static electricity

Very strong static will cause the watch to indicate the wrong time. Very strong static electricity can even damage electronic components.

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